Aiyana Health and Fitness

Whatever your motivation, age or level, our center brings together health professionals and coaches who, after an initial evaluation and a no-obligation interview, will offer you a tailor-made program adapted to your needs or aspirations.

Our center is made up of a multidisciplinary team whose mission is to accompany you in an evolutionary process in terms of physical performance and health, regardless of your age or level. "The approach of our center is holistic, that is to say that it takes care to consider you in your entirety. It is therefore essential for us to get to know your past in order to offer you a tailor-made program that will guarantee success and continuity. Our goal is to correct certain habits that inevitably impact your development and well-being.

Yes, you will lose weight. Yes, you will shape your figure. Yes, you will gain tone.

However experience has shown that these priorities do not last in the long term. Therefore we will make sure to give way to a new lifestyle where balance and meaning will take precedence over what seemed to be your first priority. If our approach speaks to you, if you are ready to try a new health and sport experience, we invite you to meet our Aiyana team. We will take the time to listen to you, make an overall assessment and present you with the details of the adventure we want to share with you. This first visit is free and without obligation.


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