Aiyana Health and Fitness

Aiyana's short history

Like every story, Aiyana has a beginning; that of a young woman who is a fighter, dynamic, committed on many fronts and ready to take on the world of finance. With a lot of hard work and dedicating countless hours of service, this young woman climbed the ladder. While ignoring herself, she was attracting the congratulations of her superiors. While her ego was being filled with praise, her body was being drained of its beautiful energy. Until one day, when a friend of hers, passionate about Amerindian culture, told her the story of a young woman with the poetic name of Aiyana or "eternal flower". Something clicked in her that night, and she realized that the flower she used to be was inexorably withering away. she decided then to take matters into her own hands and got started into sports.

Heading to the nearby fitness room, she quickly experienced the benefits of this new practice, but she also quickly understood its limits and that she needed to assign meaning to that frantic race. Her curiosity thus sharpened, her life was transformed and, what was at first only a hobby, finally became a true passion. Not only did she embrace the training to become a sports coach but, considering her own experience, she immersed herself in everything related to well-being. She discovered that the body was much more than a simple machine made of flesh and bones. That it was necessary to reclaim our health. Thus began her quest and she opened herself to dietetics and to the different disciplines and practices that improve the global state. She understood that we were "One", that it was illusory to compartmentalize ourselves and that everything was interdependent. Body and mind participate in the same project as Aiyana: to caress eternity.

With her newfound energy and meaning, this young woman becomes convinced that she must share her experience and pass on what she has received to others.

The story of this young woman could be you who are reading these few lines. But in this case, it is me who for years has been giving advice and accompanying on a daily basis those who have decided to nourish the eternal flower lying within them. This is how Aiyana came was born.

And since Aiyana's credo is to initiate a holistic approach, we are all part of a multidisciplinary team that is passionate about following up your overall fulfillment.


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