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Regain your inner energy

Yes, you will lose weight. Yes, you will shape your figure. Yes, you will gain tone.

But Aiyana is much more than that.

As a holistic center, we provide the right support for each person in their globality. Our vision considers physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. It is a support to live a healthy and vibrant life. Therefore, we offer several services and a multidisciplinary approach with practitioners from various backgrounds, all united to improve your daily life. We believe in bio-individuality with unique needs that evolve throughout life. Everyone will experience illness or injury in their own way and the path to healing will depend on age, gender, culture, and heritage.

Aiyana, your holistic wellness center in Brussels


As you have understood, Aiyana is not a place where you will be left on your own, without any instructions. You will be guided by dedicated professionals who will become part of your new life. Their training and experience will bring visible and lasting results.


Our concept of sports in a broad sense is not limited to the physical aspect. Wellness is the result of a balance between the different components that make up the human being. Our center favors a holistic approach, meaning in its globality.


Our multidisciplinary team of certified coaches, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and life coaches will work in an integrated fashion to suit your specific needs.

Your health, your
greatest asset

Ready to discover your strength?
Aiyana welcomes you.


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